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Rising to the Occasion

Rising to the Occasion is the first Australian Documentary about men’s netball, full of ‘blood, sweat and tears’ as we take a look into the fast-paced sport of Men’s Netball. As we follow these high-performance athletes from the Australian State representative men’s teams, we learn of their dedication, commitment and passion for the sport and their quest for national championship glory. The documentary explores the vulnerabilities and often hardship of the players as they struggle with self-doubt, mental health issues and overcoming the adversity of discrimination and sexual orientation from their youth. Some of these stories are being told publicly for the very first time.

The player stories provide a backdrop to the underlying theme of gender equality in sport, but from a male perspective in a sport which is predominantly considered a female sport to this day. Rising to the Occasion is a celebration of the men’s netball, a celebration of diversity and a story of passion and dedication. What started 35 years ago by Lionel Foster, the pioneer of men’s netball in Australia, through decades of commitment, now in this documentary will boil down to months, weeks, days and hours of preparation, passion and commitment to achieve one goal. The importance of each of their journies lies in the history that came before them and the legacy they will leave for future generations.

Featuring the voice of netball in Australia, Sue Gaudion, this is a documentary not to miss. The speed, skill and high energy will leave you wanting to see more!


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