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What is the Rising Suns Program?


The Rising Suns Program is designed to create a netball pathway for young boys aged between 12 & 16 years to either continue or start to play netball in Queensland.


The program, hosted by current QLD Suns players and coaches, includes targeted skill based netball clinics and regular competitions.


QLD Suns president Steven Curr said “There is growing interest in the community for junior boy’s netball and it has been a key objective of the QLD Suns for many years to bridge this gap. We are pleased to have hosted a successful Rising Suns Program in 2021 and will continue to look for pathways for all."


QLD Suns is committed to ensuring the Rising Suns Program long term success. We are creating a framework suitable for all players, no matter the capability, as well as ensuring the program has the capability to adapt and grow in line with community demand. 




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