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The Queensland Suns would like to take this opportunity to ask that our players be respected and that their wellbeing particularly as junior players remains thepriority.

We understand that there are many passionate people in netball, which we love, but sometimes that passion can be channelled the wrong way.

While respecting everyone is entitled to an opinion, we have been subject to inappropriate behaviour and commentary.

Whether you agree or disagree with Netball Queensland’s decision to allow us to play for the State Title, the abuse our players have received is unacceptable.

Our players and club have also been targeted by comments on social media platforms.

Generally, people say that they are all for boys and men being included in netball, though sadly based on recent behaviour we feel unwelcomed and unsupported.

We do however thank Netball Queensland for including us in the State Titles and also grateful to the many others for their support.

Despite the negativity and media attention for the wrong reasons, we are confident mens netball will continue to grow not only here in Queensland but worldwide.

We will continue to work with Netball Queensland to do whatever we can to see mens netball and netball in general prosper.

Next year we would love to see a boys and menscategory at the State Titles and encourage everyone to channel their energy into forming a team to enter in 2022.

That would be a huge step forward in helping see netball included in the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games. Which we all want to see.

We ask for your support to ensure our players and staff are shown respect and afforded general courtesy.

There is no room for this behaviour in our community or in sport in general.


The Queensland Suns


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